“The Law is A Mechanism of Social Control” By Jerry Day, and Censorship


The door has been opened by government that it is responsible for protecting personal choices such as gender identity. What about all personal choices? What about personal choices that are protected by law but NOT being protected by government? This video has caught your government, the authorities and media in a huge lie. If that lie is reconciled, government will never be the same. If that lie is not reconciled, you are living under authoritarian deceit and fraud.

From Walter Burien, SOURCE with thanks for the Jerry Day video


Suppression of Videos is alive and well at YouTube!

A YouTube link to a video is like a library reference card number.

In a library it gives the exact location of a book and in reference to a video link, the video’s exact location for viewing.

Caught YouTube (Google) in their data manipulation yesterday. I can not emphasize…

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By Governmental Deception

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