Separation Of Church & State? Or Is That Only Mentioned When It Benefits The Liberals & The Athiests

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!


What does it mean, separation of Church & State?  Liberals and Atheists seem to be great at screaming this from the rooftops when prayer is said at a public school, or Jesus’ name is mentioned in the public square.  But what does it mean for Christianity?  What does it mean for our freedoms to worship without interference from the State?  I’m sure everyone studied history and has heard of the Church of England, the Kings that ruled the church and vice versa.  I’m sure everyone has heard of King Henry the Vlll.  He broke the ties with the Church and State when the Catholic church refused to anull his marriage to his wife, and he made himself head of the  church.  And we know how it works in the middle east when the state declares a religion like Islam and Sharia law to be the state religion and the law…

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