Bombshell: Seth Rich’s Parents Confirm He Leaked DNC Emails

Seth Rich’s parents say that they now believe the slain staffer was murdered after leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

Ed Butowsky, the man who offered to assist the Rich family in finding the culprits for Seth’s murder, says that Seth Rich’s father confirmed to him that he “knew what his son did.” reports: Butowsky further stated that the family was deeply concerned with their son being remembered for helping to get President Donald Trump elected.


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Cool looking tennis shoes

Cat Eyes


This is a pretty cool site, and these tennis shoes are pretty cool looking too.


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Sex Robots And The Death Of Relationship, By Kathleen Richardson

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The logic of toxic masculinity: Pornography and Sex Dolls, by Florence Gildea

Campaign Against Sex Robots

The silence of sex dolls has been considered one of their main appeals for male owners. Sex dolls, unlike human partners, cannot answer back, criticise or scorn.

For instance, author Anthony Ferguson writes that a sex doll ‘will never tell you to take the garbage out or criticize your sexual performance […]it doesn’t talk back or reprove. This lack of discourse is important for a man who desires total control’. The sex doll, he adds, ‘signifies woman in her most voiceless, powerless, commoditized form’.

For all the arguments by the pro commercial sex industry about ‘free speech’ – what they really protect is toxic male speech and acts of sexual violence against on human bodies. The speech of toxic men over and above women, and the total control they have over dolls in the form of women. In the minds of toxic masculinity, pornography and sex dolls mirror each other.

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